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Balance Menopause and Mental Health

Balance Menopause and Mental Health – 5 hacks to help reduce the psychological impact

Approaching middle age can come with all sorts of anxieties – children leaving home, elderly parents, and a society that values youth – so throw hormonal changes into the mix and you’re bound to feel a little out of sorts. Just know you’re not alone. To help you balance menopause and mental health, we’ve created…

10 tips on surviving the school holidays as stress-free as possible

10 tips on surviving the school holidays as stress-free as possible

School’s out for summer!  Kids are let loose from the school gates and parents finally have their little darlings home until the new school year starts… And then the chaos begins. Noise, tantrums, the constant need to entertain, and a newfound respect for teachers. Sound familiar? While it’s great to have the family together all…

Ready To Invite More Hygge Into Your Home

Ready to invite more Hygge into your home? Try these three essential oil blends

The Danish term hygge has become a buzzword in recent years. Between 2016 and 2017 alone, more than 30 books were published on the topic, and it even earned a spot on Oxford Dictionary’s 2016 ‘word of the year’ list. Since aromatherapy is a simple and easy way to set the mood of any space, it’s the perfect…