Gifts of Wellbeing

Gifts of Wellbeing

Bring some balance to the frenzied festivities and make it easier for your loved ones to put themselves first. From indulgent home rituals to mini magic potions for self-care on the go, give the gift of wellbeing this season.

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Gifts of Wellbeing - Roll-On WellbeingRoller Balls Christmas CollectionOut Of Stock

Roll-On Wellbeing


With our Tisserand Aromatherapy Roll-On Wellbeing Roller Ball Collection, you can harness the power of 100% natural pure essential oils, to help inspire positivity, release stress, restore inner calm or help you sleep.

Tisserand-Aromatherapy-Sleep-Sanctuary-Gift Of WellbeingTisserand-Aromatherapy-Sleep-Sanctuary-Gift Of Wellbeing

Sleep Sanctuary


Our Sleep Sanctuary gift collection contains a Sleep Better Candle 80g, Pillow Mist 100ml and a Pulse Point Roller Ball 10ml.

Time To Unwind Total De-Stress Gift Of WellbeingTime To Unwind Total De-Stress Gift Of WellbeingOut Of Stock

Time To Unwind


Our Time To Unwind gift collection contains a Total De-Stress Candle 80g, MoodFix Mist 100ml and Pulse Point Roller Ball 10ml

Mini Moodmist Christmas CollectionOut Of Stock

Little Wellbeing Wonders


Feel your best around the clock with these handy pocket-sized mood boosters.

To create a cloud of joy, calm, tranquility or serenity, simply spritz your chosen mini mist around your space or onto your pillow and allow the aroma to settle your senses.

Tisserand Aromatherapy Total De-Stress CandleTisserand Aromatherapy Total De-Stress Candle

Total De-Stress Candle


The Total De-Stress Candle will transform your space into a haven of calm with the comforting blend of balancing Geranium, uplifting Orange and warming Nutmeg.

Mindful Moment Real Calm Bathtime CollectionMindful Moment Real Calm Bathtime Collection

Mindful Moment


Our Mindful Moment Bathtime Collection contains a Real Calm Bath Oil 100ml and Real Calm Massage & Body Oil 100ml.

Sleep Better Dream BathSleep Better Dream Bath

Dream Bath


Our Dream Bath Bathtime Collection contains Sleep Better Bath Oil 100ml and our Sleep Better Massage & Body Oil 100ml.

Total De-Stress Blissful EscapeTotal De-Stress Blissful Escape

Blissful Escape


Our Blissful Escape Bathtime Collection contains Total De-Stress Bath Oil 100ml and Total De-Stress Massage & Body Oil 100ml.

Tisserand Aromatherapy Sleep Better CandleTisserand Aromatherapy Sleep Better Candle

Sleep Better Candle


Our Sleep Better Candle sets the scene for the perfect night’s sleep with the heavenly aroma of sumptuous Jasmine, warming Sandalwood and soothing Lavender.