De-Stress Retreat

Welcome to our De-Stress Retreat –

the place to come to calm and comfort body and mind.
Slow down, breathe and reclaim your calm…

Total De-Stress Collection

Stop for a moment, take a deep, calming breath and allow the comforting aroma of Geranium, Orange and Nutmeg 100% natural pure essential oils to unwind the mind and body when you need it most.

De-Stress product shots

Allow comforting Geranium to nurture and lighten the soul, gently balancing emotions.
Uplifting Orange encourages feelings of joy and is cheering for the spirit.
Warming Nutmeg reduces feelings of anxiety and brings a sense of calm.

Meet Our Other Stress-Busting Blends

Use these alongside Total De-Stress for a blissful de-stressing aromatherapy ritual… and breathe.

mind clear

Mind Clear

A blend of Peppermint, Lavender and Lemon pure essential oil to allow you to clear your mind and find clarity when cluttered thoughts appear.


Inner Harmony

Inner Harmony

A blend of Frankincense and Geranium pure essential oil to bring a sense of balance and contentment when you finally catch a me-moment.


Take A Breath

Reduce waves of worry by using our breathing techniques from our Yoga expert Sarah Eckersley, to help calm the mind and body.

Sarah Eckersley
Balanced Breathing | Sama Vritti
Abdominal Breathing | Admam Pranayama
The Cooling Breath | Sitkari Pranayama

Produced by Wilde Yoga and Tisserand Aromatherapy

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