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Welcome to our Mindful Space –

the place to come to take a pause and reconnect
with yourself. Unwind, chill out and enjoy
the moment…

Real Calm Products

Real Calm collection

Take a moment for yourself to be still and reflect, and allow the relaxing aroma of Lavender, Bergamot and Patchouli 100% natural pure essential oils to bring a deep, uninterrupted sense of calm to mind and body.

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Allow Lavender to encourage compassion, soothe emotional turmoil and bring deep relaxation.
Bergamot gently releases pent up emotions and enables you to self-express.
Patchouli helps to build a balanced connection between mind and body, grounding and centering spiritual awareness.

Meet Our Other Mindful Blends

Use these alongside Real Calm to reconnect, reflect and help you enjoy precious time for yourself.

breathe deep

Breathe Deep

A blend of Orange,
Petitgrain and Coriander
to give your mind a break
when it’s time to stop.


mind clear

Mind Clear

A blend of Peppermint,
Lavender and Lemon to
allow clouding thoughts
to pass you by and
inspire clarity.


What is Mindfulness?

Mindfulness is the ability to be present – aware of the here and now – and fully engage with whatever is happening in the moment. Meditation is the method through which we can learn this ability.

Mindfulness is not a temporary state experienced while meditating, but a tool we can learn via meditation, so we can access it whenever we need to. While meditation can also provide effective stress-relief and relaxation as more immediate wellbeing benefits, mindfulness is more of a long-term objective to work towards and improve in each meditation, which will enable us to live a more balanced, calm and positive life.

Here are 4 meditation techniques which can help train mindfulness, alongside their other wellbeing benefits:

Meet Farah Rising

As a compassion-based Mindfulness Teacher and Self-Love Coach who works to encourage a deeper sense of acceptance to wherever you’re at, Farah believes in the power of self-directed kindness as a healing and deeply transformative practice, leading to a greater ability to cope and handle life’s challenges without losing your self-worth long after your meditation practice.

Produced by Farah Rising and Tisserand Aromatherapy

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